As a global exporter of used tyres and carcasses, we supply our customers with container shipments from Hamburg, Germany directly to their doorstep. We also load your container in case you decide to bring it on your own. We also advise you on many topics in the tyre business both domestically and abroad. You can always count on our experience at any time.

Due to our long-time experience we can do the handling of all customs procedures and formalities. We also help in planning your business especially the clients from countries like West African countries, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

Our professional and qualified staff in our warehouse with our products is our strength, with this we can provide you with the quality of services hard to find anywhere else.

At Jean-Paul Tyre, we give you

Due to the high individuality of customers and their different demands, terms and condition of payment have to be discussed individually and in detail.